Thursday, April 12, 2007

Heather was on the radio this morning!

I asked her if she wanted to call the local Christian radio station and request her favorite song. Of course, she was so excited to call.

The DJ answered the phone and Heather asked her to please play the song. The DJ said that she would play the song and asked how old she was, Heather told her she was 5, then the DJ wanted to know what Heather was doing. Heather was so honest. She said we were on our way home from the store to clean the house because we have roaches. (Doesn't everyone in Florida have roaches???, still embarassing) Then Amber pipes up and says I want to talk. So the DJ asked how old she was and what their names were. Heather just kept answering all her questions and then told her that her favorite radio station was 88.1 The Promise.

They played the whole thing on the radio as they were introducing the song that she wanted to hear. It was hillarious and Heather was so excited to hear herself on the radio.

But, now all of Jacksonville knows we have

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