Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Our Christmas!!!

Heather and Amber spent Christmas in Bluffton, SC at
their Grandma and Auntie's house. Heather and Amber hamming it up for the camera.
The girls got books from Auntie Stacy, so they decided that
they would read them in the dog's beds.

Amber looking cute!
Our big dog, Nellie, in one of Grandma and Auntie's little dog beds. Heather thought it was a perfect time to join her.
Opening presents from Santa.
Heather with Auntie's dog, Winston, dressed up as Santa.
Some more reading in the dog beds.
Relaxing in front of the fire.
WooHoo! Santa brought a Chia Pet!!!!
Amber was so excited about all her new Dora toys!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The child wants a CHIA PET!

I'm shocked to say that Heather wants a Chia pet for Christmas. I think it is sooooo funny! I have a black thumb, so we'll see if Heather is the same as her mommy. She wants to go back to see Santa, so she can tell him more things that she wants. She points to her fingers and says, "Star station, polly pocket, chia pet....1,2,3."

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Visiting Santa

We went to the mall today to see Santa. Heather has been begging to go for a while! Amber was scared, but Heather was so excited. She asked Santa for a Polly Pocket.